Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Canceled but not brilliant

First-week TV ratings for the season show no breakout hits yet (but "The Nine" and "Ugly Betty" haven't debuted yet) but few duds either. Unlike last year, which royally sucked in termed of new-show quality, this one has some strong offerings in terms of production values and execution, if not big names. But as we said in our season preview Sept. 14 (see, a few should exit quickly. One show we loathed, "Happy Hour," is already on hiatus. And I've only seen parts of "Smith," the Ray Liotta show, but I thought it was pretty bad. Also earning an early hook: The Game on CW and probably "Men in Trees" on ABC, which has some moments but can't get past the fact its Anne Heche in Alaska and we already saw "Northern Exposure."
I respect your views, so send in your input. "Smith"? "Til Death?" "Brothers & Sisters"


Anonymous said...

Joe, what about the shows that are good this year? Also, NBC has more new shows than I can count. Are they worth it?

Anonymous said...

I think Jericho has a good premise. Some loose ends, tho, but I think it can become a new cult show, a la Lost. I hope it stays. CBS needs a hit.