Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bro, Sis and Betty

ABC has given a full-season order to "Brothers & Sisters" and "Ugly Betty," which features Guilford-raised actress Becki Newton as a Betty nemesis. ABC has been pretty supportive of its young programs of late, as evidenced by "What About Brian," which I think should have been shown the door. Pretty people aside, it's too narrow and unsympathetic. Hey Brian, we cared about your obsession with your best friend's fiance for an episode or two. But that's not enough to sustain a series. What about cancellation?

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Kid You Not said...

Joe, fellow blogger Kid You Not has gotta vent over a network practice that makes me angrier than Elizabeth Hasselbeck at an ACLU meeting.
Why, why, why do the networks show similar shows at competing times? I bet I would love "Ugly Betty" but it's on opposite "My Name is Earl," which is my favorite show that's not named "24."
These are two quirky shows that probably atract the same demographic (weirdos age 18-49).
Do the networks want to hasten their own demise at the hands of Tivo-wielding fans ready to self-immolate themselves unless "Wonderfalls" comes back?
Java Jive, I tip my 40oz to you.