Monday, October 09, 2006

Thaaaaaa Yankees lose!

To close out the Yankees situation, I would just say that baseball is a humbling game. Even for guys who make $25 million a year. There are only two good things about the Yankees' loss to Detroit: This should mean fewer homicides in Detroit during October, and we won't have to listen to Joe Buck for another series.

Now to TV: Fox has announced some changes post-baseball:

The new game show "The Rich List" will premiere Nov. 1. Oh, good, another show that worships at the altar of the Almighty Dollar. I saw the Spanish version of "Deal or No Deal" over the weekend. Almost exactly the same, except they have a vault thing where they showcase the offer from the banker (if I was following it correctly). I think it was called "Vas, No Vas." And the top amount was like $400. (Kidding! But it was less.)

"Justice" will move to Mondays and "Vanished" will move to Fridays. I don't like that one.
"House" and "Standoff" will switch time slots as of Halloween.

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