Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election coverage: With zero percent in, it's over.

What's cooler than CNN's "great wall" of touch-screen high-tech overstimulation?
I missed Katie Couric's show on election night, but I did tune in CNN about 8:15 to see the hyper-opinionated Lou Dobbs looking like a grown version of Hermie the dentist-wannabe in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
WVIT-30 called the race for Gov. Rell at 8:30.
Talking about how well the Dems would need to do to win the House and Senate, Jeff Greenfield said it was time to choose your cliche: "They have to draw to an inside straight. They have to run the table... You (Wolf Blitzer) and I should probably decide which cliche fits best."
Outgoing Joanne Nesti reigned with Gerry Brooks on WVIT-30 (someone in my office thought Nesti's outfit was a little green-loud but I didn't notice since I tend to focus on someone's face when they're talking).
Channel 30's numbers weren't making sense to me for a while. It was saying 0 percent in (reporting) but then below that it would split the available votes into percentage, so it looked like the early returns were adding up to 100 percent of the vote already. One reason I hate all the polling done in modern elections is that you had 0 or 10 percent of the vote in and winners declared by AP or the networks. That just sucks. Let the thing play out!
Seen too little during election coverage Tuesday night? Keith Kountz and Joceyln Maminta (at Rell and DeStefano HQs, I hear, although I missed them completely while switching around), Lisa Carberg (who was named on Wednesday to replace Nesti on the evening news desk next year) and Andrew Pergam of WVIT, who seems to have matured into a fine correspondent.

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