Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fall finale of Prison Break

Fox's "Prison Break" wrapped up its fall arc of shows with a typically over-the-top thrill ride. Favorite points:
The corrupt prison guardBellick being put in a cell with a giant creep.
Kellerman flipping sides and shooting Agent Mahone (who may or may not be dead).
Our guy Sucre bailing out of a plane and surviving.
T-Bag getting a woman to fall for him when he looks like walking death?? Are some women that dumb?
No word on Ben. Franklin, whose wife was arrested last week.
No word on the big dumb guy who is on the run.
No word on Linc's kid, who was left with a former CIA pal of the grandfather.
It was a quick hour, seldom believable but always a great ride. It returns Jan. 22 with a one-hour recap and one-hour new episode.

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