Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Most offensive TV special of the month (year) (era)

Fox network is giving OJ Simpson a two-part special called “O.J. SIMPSON: IF I DID IT, HERE’S HOW IT HAPPENED." It will air Nov. 27 and 29. Obviously intended to sell OJ's book of the same name, this special brings up some interesting questions. If his victims' families haven't collected much of anything from their $33.5 million civil suit award, shouldn't every nickel from th is book and special go to them? There's no other potential advantage to running this garbage. A local TV official disagreed with me, saying he'd want it to be a well-done show in order to approve of it. But I don't see how it could possibly be inoffensive, even the program were to suggest ways to stop monsters like him in the future. Am I missing something here?

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