Friday, November 03, 2006

Nesti leaving 30

As I wrote about in the Thursday Register, Joanne Nesti has announced she is leaving WVIT-30 at the end of the year. Nesti is 55, divorced, a classy and steady presence on 30 for so many years. She's the gold standard of CT. lady anchors. She will be leaving to find a new occupation eventually (semi-retirement for now). When you think of Nesti on the air for the same long time as smooth Denise D'Ascenzo on 3, agile Ann Nyberg on 8, Janet Peckinpaugh on 8, 3 and 30 and "newcomer" Susan Christensen on 61, it really was a remarkably steady stable of Connecticut women newscasters. Also great: Lisa Carberg on 30, who should be given any show she wants there.

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Anonymous said...

I remember you once described her as the Cal Ripken of Connecticut newscasters. Very accurate description given her longevity. I first saw her newscast on UHF channel 30 before cable. She should be proud of her professionalism and the class she brought to each broadcast.