Monday, December 11, 2006

Celtic women? We talking Boston Celtics?

Please, God, bring back the UConn women's games! I can't take another night of "Celtic Women." They're attractive, spunky, talented, graceful, blah, blah, blah and boring in large quantities! CPTV has been running this special every day for weeks, it seems. Last night I ran into them again on the Springfield PBS station. Can it be that great a fund-raiser? Is there no Trans Siberian Orchestra this year? Have Andre Rieu and the young Italian tenor guy taken the month off? Is there no "Nova" available on string theory (or string cheese)?
The only very-pale artist I want to see on CPTV until further notice is Mel Thomas.

OK, an update: Please don't mistake my chippy comments about this show as a cultural comment. I love the Celtic women, too. And, yes, CPTV has overdone airings of other pledge specials that make money, Italian ones included. I just don't think this one needs to be on every other night. That's all. The Andre Rieu special with the three fair sopranos just seems a lot more accessible. My humble opinion.

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Anonymous said...

From someone who tries to always be so "cultured," this comes across as idiotic. The entire world doesn't revolve around Italian-Americans, nor does it revolve around you, Mr. Amarante.

How pretentious and typical of this area.