Thursday, December 21, 2006

Janet Peckinpaugh leaving WVIT

WVIT has lost two top anchors in Joanne Nesti and Janet Peckinpaugh, both basically retiring from the TV grind, and anchor/reporter Logan Byrnes, who wrapped up his second stint there recently. What a December for 30! Not wonderful for the NBC-owned station, regardless of the talent that is stepping up. But we'll all survive.

On another front, there are rumblings about new staff cuts at WTNH. An off-site owner moving jobs out-of-state and trimming workforce to save money? Probably. It happens. A lot.

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Anonymous said...

I say good riddens to bad rubbish. Peckinpaugh was a horrible anchor and should have retired before she started. I can now watch NBC 30 again at 10am and 5 & 5:30 again!!