Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another WAVZ comment

From Ann Colonese, Shelton:
I just couldn't believe WAVZ changed formats overnight without any prior notice. Why is it that Limbaugh, OReilly, Hannity, Savage, etc. are on all over the place on so many stations in our area, while we on the other side of the political spectrum have nothing! Do you know of any station where some one in upper Fairfield, county might be able to find Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Randy Rhodes, or Tom Hartman? The USGovt. is now also trying to cut funding again, to NPR and PBS stations. What is going on?When I worked in Europe in the 50's, I would interview DP's from behind the Iron Curtain, who were fleeing the USSR. They all had the same story. They only had access to the party line on the media of their day (am radio)---- that of Joseph Stalin. Are we now living in a dictatorship here in the USA? It does seem to be that way! Thank heavens, the internet is still uncensored! Would love to hear if you had some idea as to how we could get at least one station that would give another viewpoint other than the "party line"

Ann, it's all a matter of "branding." ESPN is a branded commodity that Clear Channel can make a few extra ad bucks on. The Karl Roves in the GOP, meanwhile, have branded "liberals" as traitors because they didn't like W and his no-compromise policies that are bankrupting us. The Roves and Cheneys and Limbaughs would have you believe that our biggest threat as a society is the "liberal media." Maybe it's more than branding going on here, on second thought.


Anonymous said...

We're stuck with conservative hosts like Limbaugh, who lack credibility, on WELI. WELI therefore stands for "We Lie".

Dave said...

Thanks for clearing up that it was a Karl Rove thing. I thought it had to do with ratings and money, but hey, what do I know.

If you want hear the liberal point of view, I think your only alternative is TV or newspapers. I would suggest that you try ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS. They usually give you what you want.

I also suggest investing in XM or Sirius. For $13 a month, you will get Randi Rhodes et al. It's cheaper than buying cable TV or a New Haven Register subscription. If you don't have the money, you could get a job at Walmart. You'd only have to work 2 hours a month to pay for it.