Monday, February 12, 2007

More listeners weigh in

Brian O. writes:
"As to the recent taking down of the only semblance of alternative view against the Limbaugh's, Hannity's, et al., it might be a good thing for you to advocate for a little more local control of radio, for one. Jerry Dunklee was right on the money in his piece the other day. Why not do all of us a favor, you included, and do your part in trying to level the playing field so that all voices can be heard. Not just the ones that Clear Channel wants us to hear, either. Please step up and be heard on this matter, Joe. Our democracy needs you. It is that serious. Your response would be welcome."

Whoa, the democracy needs me. That's the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. But I don't want to end up like that guy in Hartford who got in trouble for taking pictures of the governor's parade. The government has lists, you know.

H.G. writes:
"I read your blog, and I wonder when the licenses are about to expire for the WELI and WAVZ radio stations. I under stand that the public can protest the renewal of the licenses.
My protest is very simple. I do not listen to either station. I listen to a station that is "live". However, I do miss the live local stations."

Steve Kalb, who worked at WAVZ sister station WELI (twice), writes:
"It has always seemed amazing to me that in a left of center state like Connecticut, that since my leaving back in 1993 WELI has done its best to skew conservative and then VERY conservative. ... I might also point out for 8 years I hosted a market leading award winning nightly talk show on WELI from 1985-1993. Somebody had to be listening (and they were and the station made bags of money.) ... If everyone likes pizza don’t try to feed them escargot. In a market that skews left of center (HOW many times has Rosa DeLauro been re-elected?) flip WELI to Air America, put on a local “middle” show in mornings and afternoons, actually HIRE some people to do news, cut out the borderline tasteless, sophomoric, double entendre jokes (which embarrass people if they are in their cars with their kids in the morning) promote the living daylights out of the station and watch the listeners come back.
It is not “just a business.” We’re broadcasters. Some of us are entertainers, some journalists. Regardless our job is “to serve, the public interest, convenience and necessity.” The bean counters have tried to make it that the only role of our business is to make money. They are just wrong. In the end they will kill the industry and their profits as well. They are well on their way to doing. "

And so it goes, friends.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone really listen to WELI anymore? Are there any statistics? I cant believe New Haven cant support a local radio station, with local people and local news.