Monday, February 12, 2007

Radio is screwed up

The WAVZ issue continues to reverberate. Fans of the previous liberal format point out that ratings weren't huge because the station did not promote it. Owner Clear Channel is the same group ramming the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck down listeners' throats. And not for nothing, but the entire cadre of right-wing hosts was wrong about Iraq, wrong about Bush (he may be the worst president ever), wrong about Cheney, wrong about WMD, wrong about the enormous costs of this war, wrong about winning it, wrong about the 'message to terrorists,' wrong about torture and the suspension of habeas corpus... But the American public supposedly favors them and doesn't want liberal voices? More than ever, we need a variety of viewpoints, and some checks and balances to foil the likes of Cheney and Wolfie.
At WELI, we don't even get local voices, except for Jerry Kristafer, the PD, and George DeMaio on sports. This is effective management? This is a huge corporation making a mockery of the public trust. Public airwaves, and the public is getting what it deserves for not being more activist on radio and political issues. We sat back and let the fear-mongers set the agenda; now we're living a nightmare of failed policies.

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