Monday, June 11, 2007

Li'l Bush on Comedy Central

The new cartoon Li'l Bush premieres Wednesday night with freewheeling slams on the Bush administration of hapless incompetents -- all in quick, simply drawn toon form. That said, it's a bit like watching that dreadful "news parody" on Fox News that tries to make anti-liberal humor and fails miserably. The Fox News show looks like a skit of a parody of a parody, with malice to enemies of Republicans. In this show, Li'l Cheney bites the heads off birds and sucks their blood, while mumbling like the Penguin on "Batman" out of the side of his mouth. Hardly Pixar-quality. Li'l Bush chews and spits out the Bill of Rights in the opening sequence. Li'l Condi suggests bringing back a "lame Iraqi kid" from a visit to Iraq to please Papa Bush. Jeb Bush is portrayed as the doltish sibling who accidentally kills the little Iraqi kid... Oy. In act two there's a couple of jabs at Bill and Hillary, so it's not all GOP-disrespectful. Although it includes a scene of Li'l Cheney having an affair with Barbara Bush (now we're feeling ill). Hard to imagine "Li'l Bush" catching on as a hip new toon.

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