Friday, June 01, 2007

NASA chief says global warming no biggie; response

From NPR, which has been covering this stuff well:
NASA’s top climate change scientist James Hansen tells NPR News that he “almost fell off my chair” upon hearing his boss’ comments on global warming earlier today on NPR News’ Morning Edition.
In an interview with Madeleine Brand airing this afternoon on NPR News’ Day to Day, Dr. Hansen says he found the comments made by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin (that global warming is not big deal) to be “remarkably uninformed” and offered additional insight on the significance of climate change saying, “Civilization developed with – it’s the current climate. And we have got an infrastructure along coastlines that assumes that our climate is going to stay roughly what it is now. But if we are going to simply allow human emissions to greatly change climate, I think that is extremely arrogant of our species. It will be devastating to many other species on the planet, not to mention many of our own species.”

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Anonymous said...

Griffin has a sensible view. Hansen is an alarmist scientist/activist. The dire climate change predictions are by no means certain. The debate is not over. If anyone thinks Greenland's ice may melt away in next 100 years should actuallly read the IPCC assessments.