Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Reality Never Looked So Dopey

Top 20 Reality TV Competition Shows according to Yahoo! -- AND my goof-parody titles next to them:
“So You Think You Can Dance” (May 24 season premiere, FOX) So You Think You Can Iron Pants.
“Big Brother 8” (July 5, CBS) Pig Brother Ate My Lunch
“Hell’s Kitchen 3” (June 4, FOX) Hell's TV Channel
“Celebrity Fit Club” (April 22, VH1) Celebrities Have a Fit, Club Each Other
“Top Chef 3” (June 13, Bravo) Top Shemp 3 Stooges
“America’s Got Talent” (June 5, NBC) America's Got Shallots
“Age of Love” (June 18, NBC) Shoot Me Now
“The Biggest Loser” (Aug. 21, NBC) The Biggest Gainer
“Last Comic Standing 5” (June 13, NBC) Last Complainer Standing
“On the Lot” (May 22, FOX) On the Smack
“Flavor of Love: Charm School” (April 15, VH1) Flavor of Clove: Spice Rack
“American Inventor 2” (June 6, ABC) Make Me An Omellete, Sue
“Pirate Master” (May 31, CBS) Irate Bastids
“The Next Best Thing” (May 30, ABC) Sad, Sad Individuals
“Making the Band 4” (June 18, MTV) Making a Damp Floor
“Fast Cars and Superstars” (June 7, ABC) Golf Carts and B-List Talent
“The Next Food Network Star 3” (June 3, Food Network) The Next Person To Move Gets It
“Who Wants to Be a Superhero 2” (July 25, Sci Fi Channel) Who Wants To Be Stuck in Super Glue
“The Academy” (May 24, FOX Reality) Bee Ahead of Me
“Design Star 2” (July 22, HGTV) To Sign Like Star Marlee Matlin
SOURCE: Yahoo! Buzz and Java Joe

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe for the smile on this gals work face this morning. It seems like you can just about make any theme a reality show now a day.
As a bakery manager in food service I would like to make a reality show on just what goes into the actual painstaking day of a cake decorator/baker/manager. Been there done it all. You cannot believe the not so nice demanding people that come across our paths in retail. Its not all about the croissant you know. :)
what a great blog.!I may have tuned into at least all of these at one time so it is really funny.
Very witty !
By the way my favorite was Age of Love/shoot me now.
For some insane reason I tuned into that one also.