Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sopranos too weak? Vince will do it right!

Release from the WWE:


Who Blew Up WWE® Chairman Mr. McMahon?

STAMFORD, Conn., June 12, 2007 – While some might say “The Sopranos” went out with a whimper, last night on USA Network, WWE’s “Monday Night RAW®” went out with a bang. At the end of his self-anointed “Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night,” WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon entered his limousine when it suddenly exploded. The shocking ending raised a myriad of questions: How could Mr. McMahon have survived the fiery explosion? And who could’ve committed such a heinous act?
Reaction: I don't know; do you think that fake domestic terrorism is really the way to go to promote wrestling? Or is this REAL? Here's the probable reaction to this event by WWE viewers: "Whoa! He blowed up good. He blowed up REAL good!"

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Anonymous said...

Okay here is the dael. I have been an avid fan of wwe since I was just a child, I'm 40 now. Though I know it's not real it's just fun to watch. BUT...I hate to think that Vince would go so far as to fake a terrorist act to promote it, especially since our troops are still not home, and since we have lost so many lives to protect us against acts such as this. Does he really feel the need to stoop that low to boost ratings that is already high anyway? I think he owes us all a public apology. Presuming that this was in fact fake of course. If it is in fact not fake, as you never know these days, my deepest heartfelt sympathy to his family, and know that as much as we love to hate him...he will be missed!pytbe