Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rupert Murdoch may be harmful to your kids' health

From the Parents Television Council:
On Aug. 1, News Corp. and its broadcast network, MyNetworkTV, aired a few episodes of the new FX drama Damages, a Mature-rated cable program, at the start of the family hour and did not edit the sexual or violent content for broadcast television.

Parents Television Council President Tim Winter reacted -- “More children watch television during the 8 pm hour than on Saturday mornings or after school. If the Fox executive suite truly cared about acting responsibly, the company wouldn’t put an adult-targeted, MA-rated cable program on one of its broadcast networks at the start of the family hour,” he said. The PTC is calling for a review of the MyNetworkTV standards and practices staff who allowed this to happen, and for the advertisers to get a refund if they were caught off guard by the programming change since a concert was originally scheduled to be aired."

Reaction to comment below: Bush may be the worst president imaginable (Iraq, the national debt, the environment, torture, human rights, stifling dissent, spitting on the Constitution, wrapping himself in the flag, stepping into the Islamist trap in the Middle East, failing to catch Bin Laden...) but he doesn't program prime time TV. Right-wing Rupert M., who would do anything for a business advantage, should answer to that.


Anonymous said...

Gee, you mean Bush isn't to blame?

Al said...

You know what's really harmful to kids' health? Bad parents. I don't know about anyone else, but my parents paid attention to what I did/watched/listened to.
As far as your Bush comments, some are valid, some are just silly. Go talk to Korean War vets and ask if they think Abu Ghraib was torture. And, as far as the environment, Bush isn't to blame, we are -- we're the ones trashing the place because we're too lazy to pick up after ourselves or use a stick deoderant.
I swear, some people make it sound like this was a great place before Bush was elected (twice) -- stop pretending, it's been declining for the past 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Al forgets the eight years of peace and growth and unprecedented prosperity during the Clinton years, all of which was washed away by Bush and his "heckofajob" bumbling cronies.

Remember- Whats good for Haliburton, is good for America!