Friday, September 21, 2007

We need another dynasty in the White House?

From CNN: Presidential candidate Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) will appear on the Sunday, September 23, edition of CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer (11 a.m.) for an interview.

As terrible as the GOP White House has been in the past six years, the Democrats never fail to surprise us with their ability to blow the game in the clutch. Hillary is a polarizing figure who will bring out the bumpkins, salt-of-the-Earth types and gun nuts to elect another Republican. But Dems can't see that, I guess.
Don't they realize they're dealing with power czars who skillfully painted John Kerry (the guy who did go to Vietnam) as a traitor compared to the guy (Bush) who didn't? We're in trouble in this country because in this corrupt system, the cream does not rise to the top. Not even close.

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jdfromla said...

Would love to see you expand this into a column.