Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Clear Channel not always right-wing

From a publicist for this show:

NEW YORK – Popular radio personalities Ryan Jay and Caroline Hand announced today they have penned a deal with Clear Channel Radio, a division of Clear Channel Communications, Inc., the leading radio network in the USA serving more than 110 million listeners, to launch America's first nationally syndicated radio talk show targeted to the LGBT community - PRIDE Radio with Ryan & Caroline.

The program is an innovative radio talk show formatted for FM stations across America, featuring interviews with celebrities, music artists, fashion gurus, travel experts, authors; gossip from leading Hollywood correspondents; coverage of entertainment and topical news, movie reviews, and lifestyle trends. Listeners can also call in to share their coming out stories.

Until now, Clear Channel's Pride radio has been, as described by Jared Cohen, Coordinator for Clear Channel Content Research and Development, "a musically driven channel that you can shake to."

"We are committed to developing new talent," Mr. Cohen confirms. "Ryan and Caroline are radio's Will & Grace and Pride reflects their unique sensibility, celebrating pop culture and all things entertainment."

Co-hosts, and real-life best friends, Ryan Jay and Caroline Hand met as producers at the music television channel, VH1. Between them, they have produced for Bravo, MTV, Showtime and The Jerry Springer Show. Their first venture together was the movie review blog, WeSeeMovies.com, a site they continue to produce. WeSeeMovies.com brought them to the attention of Cohen, who noted the pair's chemistry and felt their relate-ability and quirkiness would be suitable for the new LGBT radio show he was developing.

"The time feels right to launch a radio program for our community and those who support us," declared Mr. Jay, a gay man who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He notes being inspired by today's generation of gay men and women who are coming out earlier than ever before. Jay waited until after college to come out, "because at the time, there was no programming that spoke to me as a gay man. This was before Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Showtime's Queer As Folk. If I had found a radio show that validated my feelings, I would have busted out of that closet a lot sooner!"

Clear Channel is the second major media and entertainment company to introduce programming specifically targeted to the LGBT community. Last year, Viacom launched the first gay television channel, LOGO. The station has experienced a slow beginning, but with promising new programming being introduced this year, it appears to be on an upswing.

"Not everyone on the show is gay," laughed Caroline Hand, the "Grace" sidekick to Ryan Jay's "Will" on PRIDE Radio with Ryan & Caroline. The pair embraces their sitcom label. They are even introduced on the show as radio's Will & Grace. "I'm the token straight girl. Behind every great woman is a gay man."


Dave Singleton said...

Hey, you just popped onto my Google radar.

Maybe we should tell them about my book: Behind Every Great Woman, There's a Fabulous Gay Man.

Or maybe I should just check out the radio show.


Dave Singleton said...

Hi, interesting post. I wrote a book that penguin published called BEHIND EVERY GREAT WOMAN THERE'S A FABULOUS GAY MAN. Maybe I should call the radio show.