Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sehorn to get some action in wife's new series

From ABC:
NFL analyst and retired New York Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn will guest star with his real life wife of six years and series lead, Angie Harmon, in an upcoming episode of “Women’s Murder Club.” In the episode, Sehorn will play an NFL star who crosses paths with Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer after his close friend is murdered. The show premieres Oct. 12.

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jdfromla said...

Evidently, unemployment has been unkind to Mr Sehorn. Just goes to show how tenuous an NFL career can be. You're always one injury away from hoping your wife can get you a gig on her new show. I wonder why he hasn't shown up as an NFL analyst or broadcaster. Or if that's not his cup of tea, what else has he been doing?