Friday, December 07, 2007

Comcast adds seven HD channels in New Haven

Comast New Haven has added seven HD channels to its lineup. They are:
Discovery Channel HD (Channel 191)
USA Network HD (Channel 195)
The History Channel HD (Channel 197)
A&E HD (Channel 211)
HGTV HD (Channel 212)
Food Network HD (Channel 213)
NFL Network HD (Channel 214)

Says one subscriber to the news:
That's (a total of) 30 HD channels and 1 HD on Demand. It may not be up to DirectTV's numbers but it is a start. Comcast moved several analog channels to digital in order to create the necessary bandwidth. My guess is that this trend will continue, especially in light of their recent announcement that their financial projections for 2008 (due to the number of subscribers) are worse than originally projected and their stock took a tumble as a result.

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