Friday, December 21, 2007

OK, maybe Patti LaBelle's choir wasn't No. 1

Wrapup on "Clash of the Choirs":
Big surprise that Lachey's choir won. I think it says something about the demographic of those who vote on phones and Internet more often than LaBelle's.
Michael Bolton's group took home $50,000 to support their local charities in New Haven, Connecticut, thanks to a donation by GE.
Team Bolton sang to support the Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven, a private, nonprofit organization that helps thousands of victims of domestic violence every year. They also supported the Yale Child Study Center Family Support Services, a facility that delivers treatment services directly to the home of children coping with specific family problems and stresses.


Anonymous said...

Actually Lachey's victory says more about his choir's effort to sing something other than gospel-sounding tunes, and LaBelle's group offering the same sound for every song. A soloist with backup singers does not a choir make, Patti. You didn't deserve to win; Lachey clearly did.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Lachey's choir did not deserve to win. Whenever they sang I felt like I was watching a high school show choir. Their best was the Flight of the Bumblebee but Friends in Low Places? ... Please.

LaBelle's choir was amazing. I've played back Somewhere over the rainbow at least 10 times on my tivo. "I've got to get, over the rainbow" My God it doesn't get any better than that.

Nick's a has been since his break up with Jessica.

And what's with that girl host? She was horrible.