Monday, January 21, 2008

I think I hear the Queen song playing, and it's not "Fat Bottomed Girls"

The New York footbal Giants are NFC champs this morning, and one of the two teams left standing has a quarterback who didn't throw three interceptions yesterday. One of the two teams left standing is the longshot all-American underdog. One of the two teams left standing didn't cheat by videotaping the other team's signals earlier and then run up the scores on teams in spite. That would be the Giants.
The point in this morning's rant is the Giants demonstrated that rare quality in pro sports these days, teamwork, as the nay-sayers kept pointing to the their individual weaknesses (injuries, an inconsistent quarterback, a tight-ass coach).
The point is the Giants have played three games for the ages in the past four weeks, going toe to toe with the "greatest team ever assembled" when the "experts" said they'd roll over, beating the despised rival Cowboys at the wire and playing with heart and abandon in sub-zero temperatures in another place they couldn't possibly win.
The point is the Giants may not be the ideal choice for Fox's carnival of hype and glitz The Super Bowl in two weeks, but they have given the NFL more than any other team this year. What about the Patriots, you say? It's one thing to have a huge collection of talent to call on in any situation ("Junior Seau, get in there and make a season-saving tackle!") but then win by small margins the second half of the season. It's another to take a team that was 0-2 and win a record 10 straight road games.
The Boston crowd of pasty-faced homers (and I'm talking about the press corps) is already proclaiming the Super Bowl simply a "coronation" instead of "contest." Good, the Giants enjoy being the road underdog.

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