Monday, July 14, 2008

Conan O'Brien jokes recently, and my ratings 1-5:

The Democratic Convention is being held at a 20,000 seat arena in Denver but Barack Obama has decided to give his acceptance speech at Denver's 80,000 football stadium. Meanwhile, Ralph Nader will be giving his acceptance speech at a Foot Locker. (Rating: 3)

This weekend in Arizona, a fire broke out at a Taco Bell. The Taco Bell customers had to evacuate, and that was before the fire broke out. (rating: 5)

Today, Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia filed for divorce. And because New York is a community property state, Cynthia could end up with 268 career home runs. (Rating: 3)

Big television news-yesterday, NBC purchased the weather channel--for 3.5 billion dollars. If you've ever seen the weather channel, you know this is money well spent. Check it out... ( vt: weather channel) Or you could look out the window! Today NBC's on a role, because they announced they're spending $4 billion to buy the "time channel." Take a look... (vt: time channel) (Rating: if we could see the visuals, 4)

"Barack Obama's staff recently announced that Barack is planning to hold a campaign event at a NASCAR race. The event will be called 'Meet Your First Black Guy.'" (Rating: 4)

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