Thursday, December 04, 2008

Love of guns carries a big risk...

I know we’re not supposed to ever say anything bad about guns, the gun industry or gun shows, but news of a Massachusetts tragedy reminded us of the inherent danger of cozying up to this hobby (and way of life).
Three gun-lovers, including a police chief, were indicted last week as a result of the probe into how an 8-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed himself with an Uzi at a gun show recently.
“A Micro Uzi is made by and for the Israeli Armed Forces and is intended to meet the needs of the Israeli Special Forces,” Bennett said. “It is not a hunting weapon.”
I’m sure the National Rifle Association will contest that, given its strident defense of automatic weapons. But that’s one more family that would have been better off with a less lethal hobby.


Anonymous said...

i suppose that if he picked up knife and fell on it it would be the knifes fault? the blame lies with the moron who had a loaded weapon at a gun show and then leaving it for the poor boy to find, not to mention if i brought my son to a gun show you can bet he would not get near any weapon with out my stricy attention.

Anonymous said...

I hope your attention is stricyer than your spelling.

"i suppose that if dropped adjectives would be fault of adjectives? if brought son to a gun show you can bet he would not get near any adjective without my stricy attention"

It's so easy to dismiss idiots as such when they don't proof their comments.