Monday, February 02, 2009

SNL jokes from Saturday night

SNL is no longer red hot (Palin/Fey) but there were these amusing lines during "Weekend Update":

MEYERS - "NBC which is broadcasting the game, has rejected a Super Bowl ad from the animal rights organization PETA because it depicts sexy, lingerie-clad models being "intimate" with a vegetable. So, sort of like 'The Girls Next Door.'"

MEYERS - "A number of angry mothers who had their breast-feeding pictures removed from their Facebook pages by the company, have formed a new protest group called "Hey Facebook, breast-feeding is not obscene," which now has more than 160,000 members. Dozens of whom are women."

MEYERS - "In a sign of just how bad the television advertising market has become, several of the major networks have been running infomercials during prime time. While CBS has gone so far as to develop a new spin-off series, 'C.S.I.: Sham Wow.'"

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