Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comcast on its phone Internet etc bundle

In the course of writing about landlines (Sunday column, see, I asked Comcast's Laura Brubaker about the phone service they're offering and whether it had to be linked to digital cable in its bundle price.
Her reply:
"Anyone can get our Comcast Digital Voice service – regardless of what kind of cable service they have (analog or digital) and they can have it as a single product or also chose to take our other products as well (high-speed Internet and/or cable). For the Enhanced Cordless Phone that is mentioned within the release I sent over (which hasn’t launched yet), a customer would want to have our high-speed internet to really enjoy and experience all of the integrated services and advanced functionality that come with that (i.e. – ability to view e-mail and voicemail, IM and access yellow pages).
As for Caller ID to the TV, ... we are also scheduled to launch that feature later this year. With that, a customer WOULD have to have digital cable for that convergence of the two products to work…"

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