Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate: The Divorce Series

Jon & Kate's expected split announcement was yet another jolt in the train wreck that is this series about a family of eight children. A short flirtation with fame can mess up a family, but this long series, complete with many material benefits to the couple (home, trips, toys, hair plugs, makeovers) has totally messed with the family dynamic.

Sasha Pasulka, head writer and founder of celebrity entertainment website Evil Beet Gossip, said, "The show last night was heart-breaking. The storyline revolved around the children getting play houses from a company called Kids Crooked House. The play houses are literally crooked, as though they're on the brink of collapse. I can't imagine the producers at the show didn't recognize -- or intentionally involve -- the symbolism. It was difficult to watch these children delight in their new toys as their parents take turns interviewing to the camera about the demise of their marriage. It was distasteful that the majority of the show -- hyped for a week now -- was primarily a commercial for a toy company. The whole thing didn't sit well at all with me, and I'd imagine audiences feel the same."

“How does the show go on?” said Kate. “The show MUST go on!”

Of course, for money reasons. There's no other point, unless you enjoy your suffering going out to a national audience weekly.

Jon wants privacy now? You mean the privacy you and the former missus never afforded your own kids?

As I said in a previous post, this is a classic deal with the devil for fame and fortune. And they keep telling us they did it all for the kids. Those kids would be happier if their parents weren't splitting. Now Jon & Kate are saying it probably would have happened with or without TV's involvement. But that's what they have to say so they can keep the gtavy train rolling out a few more toys and paychecks.

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