Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lost redux: Smoke monster and mirrors

"Lost" returned for its final season last night with more hocus pocus and enough religious symbolism and allegory to choke a polar bear.
Sayid bled out, was dunked into a magic pool, died and rose again at the end. (But is it really him?)
Juliet bled out, kissed Sawyer, died and was buried. Difference? Actress is in another show ("V") so she may not be coming back until the end.
John Locke is still dead, so the guy walking around who looks and sounds like him is actually the Smoke Monster/Man in Black who is apparently mystical Jacob's nemesis.
The good vs. evil struggle, which seemed to be shaping up as some big symbolic uber-story, seems more confusing than ever. Jacob takes a knife in the chest as a martyr or something. Ben does the bidding of the evil Smoked/Locke (Hold the bagel).
Sawyer hates Jack again for trying to appease fate and then causing his Juliet's demise.
Most importantly, the show sets up a dual storyline, which of course makes our heads spin and follows no logical sense. Key characters are running around in LA because the plane didn't crash; the SAME key characters are dealing with drama and new villains and mysteries (the Japanese-speaking stiff/leader at the Temple of Doom) back on the island (which is shown UNDERWATER in the opening montage, to add confusion).
Is it still all about fate vs. self-determination. Who the heck knows? The main draw of this series is still the lush Hawaiian settings in full HD and the characters. We've gone along for the wild ride for so long we can't get out now. But producers had better link and resolve the two storylines soon or frustration will overtake awe.

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