Monday, February 01, 2010

State of the Union not on CPTV

CPTV exec Lee Newton explains why the State of the Union was not on CPTV last week:
"Traditionally, CPTV has not carried the State of the Union address. The address itself is well covered by the major networks and several cable outlets. We have always believed our strongest asset is to provide analysis and long-term coverage of the issues addressed in any President’s State of the Union address. Unless The PBS NewsHour is in a position to provide in-depth analysis following the address, we tend to follow the PBS national schedule and direct our resources to long-term coverage allowing the networks to do what they do best – coverage of live events and addresses. While it may seem counter-intuitive, we also try to offer an alternative for those viewers who may wish to view alternative programming. At 8 p.m. last night, we carried an interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Once CPTV’s new secondary cable channel launches – which we hope will happen in the coming months – we will have an additional program stream and we can re-evaluate the decision to cover such events. This new channel would give us the potential to air events like the President’s State of the Union address live, and also repeat them at times that would allow our viewers greater access.
I should also mention that last night, our sister radio station, WNPR, covered the entire State of the Union address through a live simulcast with an extensive post-address analysis and town meeting. I’ve enclosed a press release on that coverage if you want more information."

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