Monday, March 29, 2010

Diane Smith to CT-N

From CT-N:

The Connecticut Network has announced that veteran Connecticut broadcaster Diane Smith will join the staff starting next week as the network’s 2010 elections coordinator.

“Diane Smith has become synonymous not only with fair, accurate and balanced reporting in the finest journalistic tradition, but also with a commitment to informing the people of Connecticut about what is positive, important and worthy of consideration in their state. CT-N’s mission of inspiring greater civic engagement and Diane’s mission as a news professional could not be a better fit,” said Paul Giguere, CT-N President and CEO. “All of us at the Connecticut Network are thrilled to have her working with us on our coverage of Connecticut’s electoral process in this most complex of election years.”

Smith is also involved as reporter with "All Things Connecticut" on CPTV, formerly as host.

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