Monday, October 03, 2011

Myra J. Sheldon's story brings fond reactions

Former students were calling and emailing Monday after my column on Myra Jacobs Sheldon turning 100 this weekend. You can read the story and see the video here.
One woman called from Maine and said she was thrilled to read about her old kindergarten teacher in Milford.
And this comes from Karen Zaneski-Nettleton, class of 1968 of Pumpkin Delight School:

Read with great interest your article on Mrs. (Myra) Sheldon. I was a
student at Pumpkin Delight Grammar School (Try spelling that as a
cheerleader!) during the 1960s. Although I wasn't in Mrs. Sheldon's
kindergarten class, I was privileged to be selected as the upperclassman
(6th-8th grades) to watch her class during her lunch break. I ran into
her about 5yrs. ago in Stop & Shop--she was still doing her own
shopping. I introduced myself, although how much could I have changed
in 45 years! She remembered me, and we had an enjoyable conversation
reminiscing about PDS.

EVERYONE at Pumpkin Delight knew and loved Mrs. Sheldon. I don't think
I ever heard her raise her voice, yet she had total control of any
students in her charge. She freely gave out hugs, and seemed to always
know when one was needed. She challenged her students, but would
correct with gentleness and always give praise.

Oh, and she had what I thought was the most beautiful piano in her
classroom, and if I stopped in after school, she would always let me
play one of my made-up songs, which I'm sure must have sounded like
nails on a chalkboard! We would all marvel at how she played so well,
sang at the same time, never without smiling. Actually, she was my
inspiration to begin piano lessons in my 50s.

I was amazed to read about her background. Can't imagine how difficult
her life was back then. It's good to know that life has been good to
her in her later years, and when it wasn't, she had the positive
attitude to move forward.

So glad you wrote this feature about Mrs. Sheldon---I will certain seek
out her book!

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