Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Comcast adding to New Haven system

As part of Comcast's Digital Network Enhancement project in the New Haven area, the system has launched 38 channels (32 HD & six standard) and tripled the programming that is offered on the Spanish-language programming tier. That brings the number of HD offerings to around 100. The new HD channels are located in a 4-Digit channel location, and beginning March 13th, says Comcast, all HD channels will be located in a 4-digit channel position to group all HD programming in a range.
Here is Comcast's release:
Company Providing Customers with Access to Over 100 HD Channels, New Spanish Networks and Grouping HD Launches in 4-Digit Location
NEW HAVEN, CT – (February 1, 2012) – Comcast today announced the addition of 38 new channels and dramatically boosted its Spanish-language offerings in the communities of Hamden, New Haven and West Haven. This expansion includes 32 high definition (HD) channels and six standard definition networks. This massive launch of new HD and Spanish-language programming was made possible by the company’s ongoing digital network enhancement. With today’s launches, customers in these communities now have access to over 100 HD networks, along with more than 6,000 HD On Demand choices a month.
All of the newly-launch HD channels are located in a 4-digit channel position to group all HD programming in the same channel range and provide customers with a better viewing experience. Additionally, beginning March 13th, all of Comcast’s HD channel offerings, including existing HD channels, will be located in a 4-digit channel position. Comcast has notified customers of this change.
As part of its digital network enhancement in the New Haven area, the company is digitizing all of its analog channels in three separate phases. The company already digitized a majority of its analog lineup in two waves on December 6 and January 4, moving a total of 41 channels from the analog to digital lineup and expects to complete the digitization of its analog lineup on March 6. These moves are clearing the way for additional HD programming, more On Demand choices, faster Internet speeds and other interactive digital services. The latest 38 new channels, which come on the heels of 12 new channels that launched in mid-December, represent the most recent benefits to local customers in these communities.
Additionally, with the newly enhanced Spanish-language programming tier, which more than triples the company’s previous local offering, Comcast now provides viewers more than 40 of the most popular Spanish-language networks along with 250 choices of Hispanic On Demand programming to watch whenever they want. The new programming, including SUR TV, Caracol TV and TV Venezuela, ranges from sports and news to movies and general entertainment. Bundled with Limited Basic Cable, which delivers approximately 20 channels of local broadcast and community access channels, and a digital set-top box, the tier is available for just $24.95 a month.
“After helping so many customers get their digital equipment in recent weeks, we’re excited to deliver on our promise of offering the ultimate viewing experience,” said Mary McLaughlin, Senior Vice President for Comcast’s Western New England Region, which includes Connecticut. “We already offer customers more HD programming than any other provider – more than 6,000 HD choices a month – and we are thrilled to now also provide our New Haven area customers with over 100 HD channels.”
The 38 channels recently added to Comcast’s local lineup include:
· Smithsonian (Channel 127)
· Reelz (Channel 166)
· Jewish Life TV (Channel 296)
· CSN Chicago (Channel 711)
· CSN Bay Area (Channel 714)
· CSN New England (Channel 715)
· CNN Headline News HD (Channel 1107)
· MSNBC HD (Channel 1108)
· NECN HD (Channel 1130)
· G4 HD (Channel 1222)
· Investigation Discovery HD (Channel 1232)
· H2 HD (Channel 1271)
· Hallmark HD (Channel 1307)
· WE-HD (Channel 1308)
· Home Shopping Network HD (Channel 1312)
· Style HD (Channel 1341)
· Ovation HD (Channel 1345)
· TruTV HD (Channel 1351)
· TV ONE HD (Channel 1360)
· FUSE HD (Channel 1420)
· gmc HD (Channel 1435)
· TENNIS HD (Channel 1612)
· NHL HD (Channel 1711)
· NBA HD (Channel 1712 &1770)
· ESPNU HD (Channel 1720)
· CBS Sports Network HD (Channel 1721)
· Big Ten Network HD (Channel 1730)
· TCM HD (Channel 1815)
· IFC HD (Channel 1860)
· HBO2 HD (Channel 1912)
· HBO Comedy HD (Channel 1920)
· HBO Zone HD (Channel 1922)
· HBO Latino HD (Channel 1925)
· Action Max HD (Channel 1934)
· Thriller Max HD (Channel 1936)
· WMax HD (Channel 1938)
· 5 Star Max HD (Channel 1941)
· Outer Max HD (Channel 1944)
Customers have three ways to view the newly-launched HD channels that are located in a 4-digit channel display, including:
1) Selecting the channel they desire and then pressing “ENTER/OK” on the remote (i.e. to tune to Channel 115, a customer would push 1-1-5-ENTER/OK); or
2) Enter “0” prior to the desired channel (i.e. press 0-1-1-5); or
3) Enter the desired channel and wait 1 - 1 ½ seconds to be auto-tuned to that channel
Comcast’s digital network enhancement is well underway in other Connecticut communities as well as in towns throughout New England and across the country. As part of this upgrade, the company has been providing up to three digital adapters for analog Limited Basic customers and current analog Standard Cable customers are eligible to receive one digital cable box and two digital adapters at no extra cost. The company is also providing up to two digital adapters for current digital cable customers.
With this upgrade to Comcast’s fiber-optic network, the company is making it easier for consumers to access the benefits of digital cable – superior digital picture and sound quality, interactive services like On Demand, more than 40 music channels, parental controls and the interactive program guide. Limited Basic customers with digital equipment will have an enhanced viewing experience with better picture and sound quality along with access to19 additional digital channels once the digital upgrade is complete. Similarly, Comcast’s Standard Cable customers with their free digital set-top box will receive superior digital picture and sound quality, in addition to interactive services like On Demand and the interactive program guide. Once channels are digitized, Comcast will be able to launch a significant amount of new programming, including a massive expansion of its current high-definition lineup and a boost of its On Demand library, which offers up to 25,000 movies and programs a month, the vast majority of them for no additional charge.
This digital network enhancement paves the way for the roll-out of Xfinity, the new brand for Comcast’s technology platform and products – Xfinity TV, Xfinity Voice and Xfinity Internet. The Xfinity network and product capabilities delivers increased Internet speeds, more On Demand and HD choices as well as converged services like 150,000 choices of “anytime, anywhere” online entertainment with

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While it is being marketed as a benefit to the consumer, this "improvement" is just a way to force everyone who does not use a cable box to pay for one - for each tv in their house.

If I am forced to have a cable box for each tv in my house then I will cancel my cable service. I am sure that many others will do the same.