Tuesday, May 01, 2012

On the change to 98.7 FM for ESPN radio. From Reader in New Haven County:
"I was anxiously waiting for the move of ESPN-NY Radio to FM due to 1050's week signal at night. As was just proven by the latest QU poll, there are a large amount of New York Sports followers in the Southern Connecticut area and New Haven County in particular, so ESPN 1050 programing is very desirable.

However ESPN's move to 98.7 FM presents a problem in the New Haven County as 98.7 FM out of NY conflicts with a CT 98.7 FM station and so we in many areas lose the ability to receive ESPN-NY radio, with a constant signal. It goes in and out as you travel around. Unfortunately what is being advertised as a great move to a very strong signal is worse for us here in the New Haven area. I wish ESPN at 1300 would just simulcast the NY station as most of the shows are more local in nature such as Michael Kay, etc."
Frank in West Haven

We respond that: 
Agreed. It's not a great deal for the shoreline. The only way to get ESPN Radio (and some other like channels) clearly is via Sirius/XM satellite, but that will run you about $14 a month (plus a little receiver).

Frank in turn says:
 Thanks for the response. The station that keeps overriding NY's signal is WNLC (out of New London) I believe. But unfortunately although it infringes on the NY station it is not strong enough to be received to have listeners of its own. So nobody wins.

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