Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kellogg's responds to 'Kontroversy' over Krave

Here's an update to our recent story in the Register and on
We had a story about how the Rudd Center at Yale said there has been progress in the nutritional value of breakfast cereals, but it's overshadowed by the continued marketing of the worst cereals to children. Kelly Brownell of the Rudd Center cited the example of Krave cereal, which touts fiber and whole grain on its box but is a sweetened cereal with a chocolate center.
Kellogg spokesman Kris Charles responded, "We're pleased that the Rudd Center has acknowledged the important nutrition improvements we've made in our kids' cereals since 2009.  The
consumption of breakfast cereals is linked to healthier body weights and
more nutritionally complete diets.  With 120 calories per serving, Krave
is a delicious cereal that delivers 8 grams of whole grain, a good
source of fiber and important vitamins and minerals in every bowl.

Kellogg has a long-standing commitment to responsibly market foods that
meet strict nutrition criteria."

We might note that the 120 calories is for a three-quarter-cup serving without milk. Real humans will probably eat more than a cup, with milk. And if kids are involved, do we really want to encourage chocolate for breakfast? One reviewer said they reminded her of Cookie Crisp. Hence Brownell's concern.

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