Monday, March 10, 2014

21-game Yankees slate announced for CT's WCTX (My TV9)

Yankees Baseball on My TV9
2014 Schedule*

Tuesday        4/15/14        NY Yankees vs. Chicago Cubs      7:00PM
Tuesday        4/22/14        NY Yankees @ Boston Red Sox   7:00PM
Friday            5/09/14        NY Yankees @ Milwaukee Brewers      8:00PM
Tuesday        5/13/14        NY Yankees vs. NY Mets                           7:00PM
Wednesday  5/14/14        NY Yankees @ NY Mets                7:00PM
Tuesday        5/20/14        NY Yankees @ Chicago Cubs       8:00PM
Friday            5/23/14        NY Yankees @ Chicago White Sox         TBA
Tuesday        5/27/14        NY Yankees @ St. Louis Cardinals          8:00PM
Tuesday        6/17/14        NY Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays          7:00PM
Friday            6/20/14        NY Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles          7:00PM
Tuesday        6/24/14        NY Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays           7:00PM
Tuesday        7/22/14        NY Yankees vs. Texas Rangers    7:00PM
Friday            7/25/14        NY Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays          7:00PM
Tuesday        8/12/14        NY Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles           7:00PM
Tuesday        8/19/14        NY Yankees vs. Houston Astros  7:00PM
Friday            8/22/14        NY Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox        7:00PM
Tuesday        8/26/14        NY Yankees @ Detroit Tigers                  TBA
Tuesday        9/09/14        NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays            7:00PM
Tuesday        9/16/14        NY Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays             TBA
Tuesday        9/23/14        NY Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles          7:00PM
Friday            9/26/14        NY Yankees @ Boston Red Sox  7:00PM
subject to change, of course

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