Tuesday, August 22, 2006


One of the things we do in this blog is to carry on a running "discussion" with Pat Ferrucci's Blog Like An Egyptian journal (see nhregister.com and go to it). Actually the Yankees did too well for me to gloat today (5 straight vs. the Sox? Are you kidding? The curse is back.) so I will skip down to something else Pat said in his blog, based on his travels. (And it's a very funny section on Philadelphia, too). I'm glad he had a couple of cheese steaks in Philly, but he didn't say if it was at Pat's or Geno's! You would think Pat would go to Pat's... I remarked in a previous blog entry that Pat's Sox haven't done well since he insulted Bernie Williams; now he's hammering Willie Randolph for being a bad manager. Sounds like Yul Brenner in "The 10 Commandments," inviting another plague upon the Egyptiansox. "And then the Redsox Sea parted, and the Damonites crossed into the Promised Land..." Speaking of coaching, I heard John Sterling and Susan Waldman talking about the Yankees coaching, and I think that's a big reason the Yankees have hung in there and hit another gear: They're loaded with good coaches: Bowa, Mattingly, etc. who are really getting it done. Hey, Theo, maybe you can hire one or two of them next year!

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