Tuesday, January 09, 2007

State Police "watch" list

Consider the arrest of a blogger/activist who rode up to the Connecticut gubernatorial parade on a bicycle and made a sudden movement to ... take pictures.
We really have no tradition in this state of assassination, so I assume the police were trying to spare the governor "discomfort" in any form (which is about all that Ken. Krayeske could do to the governor). In that spirit, I suggest police arrest the following inidividuals:
1. Colin McEnroe, the WTIC-AM radio host who routinely questions the administration. He went to Yale, too, so he's even more dangerous.
2. Paul Newman. He campaigned against Joe Lieberman, the close friend of all good Republicans today, I think.
3. Homeless people anywhere in Hartford. They don't take many pictures, but they can be unpleasant.
4. The people who insist on pointing out that Gov. Rell was 2nd in command to a convicted felon (John Rowland) in a corrupt administration.
5. Bloggers who take the time to learn things and argue for their principles, especially ones who have been known to ride a bike, strap a sophisticated imaging device to their shoulder (a digi-cam) and ... snap a shutter in public. A little jail time will shut them up.

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