Friday, February 02, 2007

Job Shadowing the TV editor

The following is recorded by Hanna and Alexa, two Cheshire High students who have been "working" the day shift on Job Shadow day with Joe A, the writer of this blog and the TV editor of the Register. Keep in mind I've bored them silly, but they did get to see the giant pressroom:
Hanna: Joe is a really cool guy. He showed us all of the neat D.V.D's he gets for his section, and the area where they print the newspapers. I really learned a lot about Journalism, and I have a new idea of what the enviornment is like. Thank you Joe for a great day!!
Alexa: Visiting the New Haven Register was a whirlwind experience for me. Writing, reading, conversing with people, and getting free stuff. Sounds like my kind of job. On a serious note, (if I have a truly serious bone in my body) I learned many new things about the world of journalism and I hope to continue my experience in the world of writing. Thanks to everyone that talked to Hanna and I and thanks to Joe for an awesome day! <3

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