Friday, March 09, 2007

Reasons to impeach Bush and exile Cheney

Arguably stealing the 2000 election. It's hard to imagine any of the alternatives messing up this badly. We chose very badly.
Deficit spending up the wazoo.
Avoiding military service when young and then sending young soldiers to war badly equipped.
Muzzling the media with taunts that it's liberal.
Invading Iraq with lousy intelligence and big delusions.
Muzzling those who questioned the war with charges they weren't supporting our troops.
Detaining suspects indefinitely without trial.
Abu Ghraib torture (and then defending the use of torture)
Botching most aspects of Iraq planning.
Putting so many resources into Iraq when THE TERRORISTS ARE IN AFGHANISTAN and the mountains of Pakistan.
Not catching Osama Bin Laden.
Spending so much on Iraq that U.S. domestic problems go wanting.
No child left behind (without funding).
Exposing a CIA operative because her husband was pointing out your bogus, rigged pre-war intelligence.
Failing to work with the rest of the world on diplomacy until six years into your term.
Wasting the post-9/11 goodwill the world felt about us; creating more enemies worldwide with your moronic policies.
Recruiting for Al Quaida with your boneheaded invasion of Iraq.
Creating a new generation of maimed soldiers who are not even getting humane treatment when they get home.
"Mission accomplished" and other photo ops with military men and women, while you ignore their real needs.
Not paying the National Guard soldiers on active duty their incentive pay that was promised them. (Call it bureaucratic, but when it's not done for 12 months in a row, it sure looks institutional.)
Failing to get out of a 3-part civil war in Iraq when no solution seems viable. Sacrificing hundreds of U.S. lives on a longshot bid to save face for Bush-Cheney.
Saying Bush's great accomplishment is he prevented another attack on U.S. soil. So what would be worse, even if that unlikely statement were true: a probably smaller terror incident somewhere in the U.S. (now that we have largely taken away the 9/11 planes option), one that -- God forbid -- causes casualties to innocent people, OR sending 3,200 Americans and many more Iraqi civilians to their deaths in an expensive and unnecessary war (not to mention all the lost limbs, lingering trauma and ruined lives)? I think the soldiers' lives are worth as much as civilians. We should be snuffing out the Taliban instead of refereeing the Shiite-Sunni conflict.
Bush did help out the economy with his tax cuts, of course, but he's intent on killing the estate tax so spoiled filthy-rich kids won't have to earn their way into the upper class. They can just sit back and inherit their smug stations in life while the working poor trudge off to Wal-Mart for $7.50 an hour.
We need to take America back from the nutjobs who give conservatism a bad name. Not to mention what they do to "liberals."


Anonymous said...

Boy you are one angry liberal. Your bio claims you are a "journalist". As I understand the business, a journalist does not, as you do all the time, burden readers with left wing ramblings. You are a commentator, not a journalist. Your bias is evident from your claim that Bush "arguably stole" the election, a claim which, if you were a respectable journalist, you would know was dispoven by a non-partisan study and analysis by a consortium of media organizations. And what of the 2004 election? Bush "stole" that one too? The problem with liberals like you is you act like whiny little children who don't get their way. I am among many NH Register readers who smirk and grimace every time we are confronted with your misuse of your column to propagate your hippy liberal view of the world. It is NOT shared by most folks and the sooner you come to grips with that, the less annoyed you will be with life.

Anonymous said...

Calling Gentle Joe names and spewing your personal venom doesnt change the facts....George Bush has committed far more impeachable offenses than your whipping boy Bill Clinton ever did.

Oh to return to the prosperous, war free, respected by the world, Clinton years...

And last time i checked, Joe was a "columnist" like Billorally, and entitled to his opinions, just as you are entitled to your opinions, and you keep believing the earth is flat, and we never needed a constitution anyway.