Monday, March 12, 2007

OK, enough cranky Joe. Here's why we like GWB

President Bush is great for headline writers. You can't be a New York taxicab driver and become president. Your 28-letter surname wouldn't fit.
Bush looked absolutely presidential when I saw him at Disney's Hall of Presidents. I was never so proud of him. Of course, it was a robot with his voice but somehow that was very impressive.
Has pleasant wife.
Never barfed in the lap of a Japanese official. That we know of.
Doesn't try to nail the White House interns.
Not a sleazeball like Newt "Lead the charge against Clinton's sexcapades while having an extramarital affair yourself" Gingrich.
Has started to compromise in his last two years in office.
Loyal to people around him, even if those folks get it wrong a great majority of the time (Rumsfeld-Cheney-Wolfowitz).
Hasn't declared martial law (yet).

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