Monday, April 16, 2007

Change in the TV Channels listing guide

A number of you have been calling and writing about the new size of the TV Channels listings section in the Register. We hear your complaints but I'm sure much of it is due to the simple fact it is changed. Some of you have said you can't find it. It's a tabloid size that wraps over the other inserts. If you fold it in half it will be the same size as the old book. Some of you have said the size of the type is smaller. Actually, it's bigger type and bolder. So I'm hoping people can get used to it. Corporate managers ordered us to change it to that size. I don't argue with my bosses.

1 comment:

Sherm said...

Joe, your new photo makes you look like a big executive. Real classy man. The new change in Channels is great, far better than the magazine that's on the news stand.