Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Song from the Sixties.

I can't remember people's names at times, or other stuff I'd like to recall easily. But I can remember the words to my grade-school song. We boys never let anyone see us singing but it was a tune seared into our memories:
St. Bernadette's, we pledge our hearts, forever to be true.
For all the things you stand for, your colors white and blue.
The friends we made while we were here
Will last a whole life through
To the faculty and our school
We pledge our hearts to you.

The reason I mention this is that the school's 50th anniversary gala will be May 4 at the Lighthouse Carousel. Tickets are $100 and can be reserved by e-mailing marcella@mascola.com. Proceeds of the event and silent auction will benefit the Golden Opportunity Endowment Fund.

St. Bernadette's was a good school, for me and my sister and brothers and for the likes of my classmates, such as Mayor John DeStefano and my buddies Tom Capobianco, Billy Scialabba, the Pagano twins, Billy Farrell and Ralph Alfano and Gary Stegina. Others didn't make it to the end, and we learned some hard lessons in growing up from them. The girls? I won't name them here but they were the best kids you'd want to meet. Maybe that's nostalgia talking, but it's probably the way to remember those years, a tumultuous time in our country.
Here's to you, SBS.

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