Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Florida scene, with the little sister

This brother and sister have Connecticut routes, as the older boy plays a baseball game in south Florida, the Coconut Creek area I think. I just like the photo.

Earlier in the year I mentioned a visit to Deerfield Beach in February and I got into trouble with the Chamber of Commerce there. Some thin-skinned snow bird picked up the paper here and spread it around as a D.B. insult. What I said was the Deerfield Beach promenade was lovely but the business area could be friendlier. I probably should have said that it could be more "user-friendly" since there are no commercial establishments to browse and walk until you get to the very end and around the corner. It's all condos and a police/public facility on the main stretch. I pointed out to the Chamber that we really love Deerfield Beach's public beach area and enjoyed a pie at Bob's Pizza around the corner and sandwiches at Kahuna (the bar-grill nearby). So chill. Lower in this blog I ran a few photos from Florida.

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