Friday, May 25, 2007

Season finale of 24

Here's a few points about the season finale of "24," which was (like the second half of the season) watchable but not very inspired:
Chloe's pregnancy nearly redeemed another dopey hour.
I kept waiting for them to say Jack's brother's kid was Jack's son in reality, but no.
The evil Phillip Bauer was not shown to be definitively dead. He was left injured on the dock with a boat nearby! So they could always bring him back if they've filmed a shot of him speeding away from the platform before it blows up (like Dr. Evil).
Good for Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes; they're also available next time.
Audrey Raines is out of it because Kim Raver is on a new show in the fall. Stay tuned for that one.
There was less torture in the second half of the season, thankfully. It was every stinking week before that. We don't need torture to foil our enemies. We need our civil rights and way of life.
Season four was still the best, with Behrooz and family.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Karen & Bill plot. I hope they come back next season too.