Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Get ready for the thrills & chills of Bingo on TV

ABC begins "National Bingo Night" on May 18, and it promises "high-action bingo games in-studio." That reminds me of the "Mike and the Mad Dog" jingle where they hype it by singing, "They're talking sports just as hard as they can!"
But there is an at-home component, and here's how it works, according to ABC:

Millions of viewers will also be able to play along at home by printing out free cards via ABC.com. Beginning May 11, viewers can log on to ABC.com and print out game cards. Each time a person prints, three pages will be generated, one for each game that is played per episode on the telecast (a Red, White and Blue card). Each game card has three Bingo grids on it, allowing the participant three chances to win per card. Online winners are not competing against the clock; anyone who gets a Bingo from the numbers called for each Red, White or Blue game on their corresponding cards can log on to ABC.com after the broadcast and enter the serial number from the card to verify their winning card. Viewers at home who get five numbers up and down, across or diagonally will be eligible for the grand prize drawing for that game. Online players must enter their serial number from their winning cards by 6:00 p.m., ET, the Monday following the Friday broadcast to redeem their prizes. Cards for the upcoming Friday episode are available immediately following the airing of the current episode.


Anonymous said...

How low will the networks go to cut costs? For chrissakes, they've begun copying nursing homes for material!

Anonymous said...

I think the online cards are a good idea! brings more people into the game and adds extra excitement to it all that a Online Bingo Site offers to its users.