Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Viva East Haven

Had a fine time speaking at the East Haven Library Tuesday night, with the friendliest people you'd want to meet anywhere. Some things covered:
We're going to have the Tv listings magazine add the (N) for new episode to prime time.
My Uncle Matt and Aunt Linda were/are beloved in town.
People think I need a new logo photo.
Someone actually mentioned this blog as a cool thing.
I said several bad words in Italian slang; the rest were food items.
A woman who lived downstairs from my father and his huge family 60 years ago on Pierpont Street was there. She said she couldn't walk very well as a child and my Uncle Joe (and/or Matt) would take her for rides in their wagon. My dad recalls she was partially disabled as a child but that she seemingly willed herself to health and a long life. Good to see her.
The Post Service Stamp Out Hunger drive is this Saturday, says Mr. Leonetti, father of former Register reporter Carol Leonetti. So leave your non-perishable food items for carriers Saturday.
There's a woman I met who collects even more Italian slang than I do.
East Haven's center is pretty attractive these days; this is an underrated town in our area.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,
I can echo your comments about East Haven. I write about cat care and do presentations around the area (yeah, there are indeed lots of peeing issues). I did one in at the Hagaman last September, which went over so well that they invited me back. The presentation I did last month was to a full house.
It's pretty gratifying.

Sally Bahner (BTW, I edit the East Haven Advertiser, the unloved stepchild of the Shore Line Newspaper group.)

wvr67 said...

Hi Joe,

Nice to see some kind words about East Haven. I was born and raised there. There are bad eggs in every town, but East Haven always gets the rep for having more than its share. It is a friendly town with a lot to offer for those who care to really take a look. Thanks for being the antidote to the idiotic and stereotypical "Xmas in Staven" song from a few years back.

Sherm said...

b26Joe, I am glad to see someone who finds East Haven a friendly place. I am 86 years old and a widower and I could not have better neighbors. They help me with my lawn mowing, leaf raking gutter cleaning and just about everything else including dinner invitations. I have a motor scooter and ride around the the nearby roads and everyone is friendly and they all stop and talk with me. Such wonderful people to take time to put a little joy in an old man's life.