Tuesday, May 01, 2007

John Stossel will straighten us out Friday

John Stossel has another of his "myth-busting report" airing on “20/20,” coinciding with the paperback release of his book "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity." (I must have missed the edition where Stossel exposed the biggest, most costly bit of "downright stupidity" in American history: deciding to invade Iraq and then re-electing the guy who led us into a trillion-dollar hole).
Here are Stossel's "myths" that he'll apparently tear down (and my comments):
· Gun control makes us safer (I say that if the VT crazy didn't have a gun, he would only have been able to stab one or two people. Guns kill, period. That's what they do. They don't grow gardens or do computing or transport us. Here's an NRA myth, John: If everyone had guns, it would protect people from abusive partners or home invaders MORE than it leads to tragic slayings.)
· Stress causes grey hair (Stress actually causes some hair to fall out, but few people say it causes grey hair.)
· Ethanol from corn will save the earth (No one's saying that; we know it's flawed. It's one tiny piece of a puzzle that Cheney and Co. would rather we don't solve while gas is $3.20 a gallon.)
· Second marriages are more successful than first marriages (Who says this? Every marriage is a challenge. There's no magic number.)
· Opposites attract (Everyone is different, so every couple has opposite traits.)
· Dropping a penny from a tall building could kill someone (No, dropping a dime on someone can kill them, like on "The Sopranos.")
· Most burglaries occur at night (Why would a burglar work at night when so many houses are empty during the day?)
· You shouldn’t eat out on Mondays (unless the place is closed, like so many are).
· When gambling, there are ways to beat the odds – and win. (Some folks do win. Not me, but a "lucky" few do.)
· Foreign aid cures poverty (Only if it's done incredibly smartly, is put into infrastructure and free-market support. It doesn't cure poverty, no, but it does keep starving people alive for a while, which would seem to be a humanitarian idea, no?)

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Anonymous said...

People say don't eat out on Monday because that's the day most restaurants get rid of their weekend specials. Who wants to eat 3-day old meat?