Monday, July 23, 2007

Live comment on the Dem. debate

Tonight' s Democratic debate on CNN felt like a watershed moment in American politics, as the digital age melded with the money-choked American political process to offer hope of breaking the partisan gridlock and media manipulation perfected by the powerful in Washington.
Anderson Cooper did a good job of moderating, but the real advantage was from the YouTube videos by real people asking the questions.
The big screen was the star, offering real Americans asking important questions, instead of some stuffed-shirt journalist trying to politely paraphrase things for political correctness.
The only time it slowed down in the first portion was when one video questioner was allowed to ask a followup question from the audience. Bad move, but brief.
The voice of the people offered a bit of hope in the face of a horribly deformed political process. One can only wonder if this format is scaring the Republican spin-meisters, who didn't even allow a non-Bushie into any political rally during his entire last campaign. See the movie "Meet John Doe" and realize we've gone way beyond the fascist wannabe in that movie. We're living it.
And who is this guy Gravel? He's a major loon, although he makes a good point on Iraq.
Obama: He looks presidential to me, but the powers-that-be and the racist elements of this country will never allow him to be elected. He makes a good point about talking to your enemies, which George Bush hasn't done. "A disgrace," he says about not talking to some of them. He's way smarter than Bush, as his is approach. (Of course, it would be hard to be dumber than the Cheney-Lil' George administration).
Hillary: I don't care how important you sound, you had your chance in the White House. You're done. Step aside. We need some new blood in there, male or female.

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Al said...

I had to react to this line: "media manipulation perfected by the powerful in Washington" ...
The media is manipulated because they let themselves be manipulated.
And, as far as I'm concerned, any Democratic debate is a farce, seeing as they so carefully choose who they will and will not speak to. All the candidates have basically said through their actions that they will not speak to anyone who does not already agree with them!