Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Haven radio ratings; WPLR, WWYZ up; WELI down


A radio observer commented this way:
"There were no shortage of things to talk about during the spring Arbitron ratings period here in New Haven. Immigration reform, the New Haven ID cards, all gave talk show hosts something to talk about.

And let’s not forget the April floods (still during the book) and I am sure I am forgetting something VERY important…

So why then do you think did New Haven’s news/talk station go down in the ratings? Could it have been a lack of unbiased local news? Could it have been a lack of any local news? "

Maybe behemoth Clear Channel should answer that for us. You shouldn't call yourself news/talk if you don't have local news.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised?

WELI is nothing but extremist political trash, most all of which has been discredited during the six year disaster known as the Bush administration, for which WELI shills.

Cant someone local restore WELI to its prior position as a prime contributor to New Haven culture?

Anonymous said...

WELI is a dead radio station. Put a fork in it, Mr. Kristafer. It's done.

Anonymous said...

Messages about New Haven radio ratings here at Radio-Info.com.

Anonymous said...

Above link doesn't work directly on all computers.

Go to
and find Connecticut under Radio States